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How does the mixing process work?
How does the mastering process work?

The mixing process, in layman's terms, is combining all elements (kick, hi-hats, bass, 808, choir, vocals, etc.) of a track into a single stereo file. This is done by panning, using EQ, dynamic processing, spatial effects, and automation.

The mastering process is the very last stage before a song or album is completely finished and ready for duplication. This is done by using EQ and compression to make extremely subtle changes in a mix, with the end goal being a balanced track that won't sound out of place in a playlist of related songs.

What if I'm not satisfied with the outcome of my mix/master?

We take customer satisfaction very seriously! That's why we ask for comments on every single track that you upload. We understand that how you want your track to sound and how we hear it may not always be 100% aligned, so that's why we offer 2 free revisions with every purchase.

Do I have to have the instrumental stems to get a track mixed?

No! While it is advised to have the stems to the instrumental for optimum quality in a mix, it is not at all necessary. A stereo file of your instrumental will always suffice if you don't have the stems.

How long should it take to get my work finished?

This depends on a couple of different things, including the amount of work the studio has, and how many tracks you want us to work on. On average, you can expect to have your finished product(s) within a week of placing your order!

How to export stems:
FL Studio
Pro Tools
Logic Pro
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